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Hiraddug Road

0068 Houses on Hiraddug Road
0638 Ochr-y-Foel, Dyserth
The houses on the left are on Hiraddug Road
1062 Dyserth circa 1890.
A farm behind the quarry, (now demolished) - the quarry chimney can be seen, and the railway line with Pandy Lane railway bridge. Also a chimney at Talargoch in the background. On left is Susannah Johnson Hindley(nee Humphreys), then Margaret Johnson Humphreys (nee Johnson) and two children, Gwladys & Lilian Hindley.
1068 Mrs Lee Outside Degla.
Mother of Edwin Lee, Stonemason, outside 'Degla', Hiraddug Road
1075 Bryn Cnewyllyn.
From a 1959 calendar. Miss Jessie Molyneux lived there.
1092 Carey Piper on a bike in Hiradddug Road c1963
1094 'Owen Bach' with horse outside Hillside cottage and Degla, Hiraddug Road
1095 Edgar Jones and Graham Piper on bike in Hiraddug Road
1098 Leigh Cottage, Hiraddug Road
1099 Clive, Valerie and Carey Piper in Hiraddug Road
1100 Degla Cottage, Tudor Cottage and Bryn Gwenallt.
Shows Tudor Cottage with extension on left added by Mrs Annie Olwen Jones in about 1945
1101 Hannah and Abel Evans outside Tudor Cottage.
Grandparents of Brenda Piper nee Jones
1102 Jessie Molyneux in cart in Hiraddug Road
1105 Bryn Cnewyllyn.
Alfredo, Italian POW, with Jessie Molyneux
1107 Horses in Bryn Cnewyllyn farmyard, man unknown
1115 Graham Piper in Hiraddug Road
1119 Bryn Gwenallt, Hirradug Rd, over 20 years ago
1121 Phyllis Williams and Brenda Piper in Hiraddug Road
1141 Hiraddug Road from Trecastell.
With the trackbed and bridge of the railway extension (never completed) in the foreground. See the Railway section for maps of the proposed routes.
1142 Hiraddug Road from Trecastell. With the waterworks in the foreground.