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Bowling Club

0616 Dyserth Bowling Club early 1950s. From St Bridget's Church 1988 calendar. Back Row L-R: Daniel Cunnah, Dai Hughes, ?, ?, ?, ?,
Middle Row: L-R: ?, Hugh Roberts, ?, ?, ?, ?,
Front Row L-R: Emlyn Ashton, Alf Roberts, ?.
0623 Dyserth Bowling Club. Dyserth Bowling Club 1950s. From St Bridget's church 1986 calendar.
0693a Dyserth Bowling Club 1950s wi8th names
1550 Winners from the Bowling Club in the early 1950’s.
1551 Bowling Club early 1950s. Back row from left - Daniel Cunnah, Dai Hughes(?), Hywel Williams, Alf Evans –
1552 Bowling Club late 1950s. Back Row – Alf McDowell 2nd from right (he ran Dyserth Garage, his son Ken McDowell played soccer for Rhyl before being transferred to Manchester United), Glyn Jones (Shop), Daniel Cunnah, Alf Roberts, unknown
1553 Bowling Club late 1950s Back row – Meirion Rowlands (2nd from left,) Hywel Williams 6th from left
1692 Dyserth Bowling Club, same as 1550
Dyserth Bowling Club
Dyserth Bowling Club