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Dyserth Castle and Siambr Wen

0024 Dyserth Castle ruins, quarried away during WW1. For more information see Dyserth Castle section
0025 Dyserth Castle, from a postcard posted in 1909
0417 Siambr Wen.
Ruins of a medieval manor house, Siambr Wen, which may have been occupied by Sir Robert Pounderling who was once constable of Dyserth Castle. It was already a ruin when visted by Thomas Pennant in the 1770s
0418 Siambr Wen.
Now well overgrown, this arch has collapsed.
0419 Siambr Wen.
On private land off Pandy Lane after it crosses the railway.
0524 Dyserth Hall and Dyserth Castle
From Thomas Pennant's A tour in Wales.
0525 Talargoch & Dyserth Castle (Pennant)
From A tour in Wales by Thomas Pennant, 1770s
0709 Dyserth Castle
1182 Siambr Wen Dyserth
THe group of people are possibly from Dyserth Field Club
1195 Graig Fawr
I think this must date from the very early 1900s, with Dyserth Castle ruins still there. You can just see Mynydd Seion chapel on waterfall hill as well – opened in 1896. The large house on the left (Craig y Castell) was once that of Sir Geoffrey Summers CBE (1891-1972) of John Summers & Sons Steelworks, Shotton. The limestone hill behind, Graig Bach, as well as the Castle itself, were quarried away to feed the furnaces in the said Steelworks. The photo was taken from Graig Fawr - donated to the National Trust by Sir Geoffrey.
Sir Geoffrey now rests in St Bridget's churchyard in Dyserth, 10 metres forward of the porch and to the right, beneath a large granite headstone.
1219 Dyserth Castle Walls
From a postcard posted in 1911
From a postcard posted in 1917
Dyserth Castle
Dyserth Castle
Dyserth Castle
Dyserth Castle