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Cwm and Pentre Cwm

0021 Cwm Church & The Blue Lion
0075 Pentre Cwm
0089 The Church, Cwm Village (& The Blue Lion)
0411 Cwm - Section of a multiview card
0554 Cwm Village
0575 Cwm Mountain from Brynteg Tea Gardens posted 1929
0642 Cwm, Dyserth
0657 Cwm, showing Blue Lion and part of Church.
0683 Former farm buildings for Pentre Cwm being converted into a house 'Ysgubor y Cwm" c1989
0686 The Blue Lion, Cwm.
0687 The Blue Lion, Cwm.
1120 David Jones and Tom Roberts at Cwm
1139 Cwm Village
1298a Pentre Cwm 01
1290a Pentre Cwm 02
1317 Pentre Cwm 1990s
1369 Cwm Village
1377 Pentre Cwm, on the Cwm road, halfway between Dyserth & Cwm. It was the first home of William and Anne Mostyn. Pictured under restoration after being a farmhouse - before the basement was dug out to restore its original three storey appearance.
1496 cwm choir
1499 cwm mountain 1960s