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0020 Crowded bus alongside the river with waterfall & Bryn-y-Felin in the background.
0039 Waterfall Bus
0053 Horse & Cart
0056 Lorry crash.
Probably the same vehicle as in photo 0211. On the corner of Cwm Road, Below the Cross Keys, outside Gwelfor Stores.
0161 Samuel Jones Car possibly 1920s
(Owned by Samuel Jones of "Sam's" Stores)
0183 First bus at Dyserth c1910.
Owned by Southworth's bus company
0185 Dyserth coach 1912.
0191 Edward Jones' horse-drawn coach. Known as "The Brake", this was a luxury vehicle, used for excursions into the countryside, children's treats, and the like. Mr Jones is in the centre, wearing a bowler hat. He died in 1918.
0198 J.W. Griffiths Voel Stores Delivery van, 1950s. John W.Griffiths had the shop and bakehouse built in 1936, the builder's estimate for the job was £970. He sold the shop due to ill health in 1960, when he moved his family to Oakwood, Eden Ave, Prestatyn. In the van is son John Aelwyn Griffiths, now living in Canada. The shop can be seen in the High Street section - until Nov 2013 it was "Wayahead" hairdressers.
0200 A White Rose bus from Rhyl taking on passengers having visited the waterfall (c1925). These buses ran from 0700 until after 2200. From Dyserth to Rhyl was 9d return.
0202 "Summertime at Dyserth". Cars parked alongside the river opposite New Inn. Same as a postcard posted in 1920
0211 Wrexham cement lorry crash June 1934. In front of the Cross Keys.
0213 Buses at Ochr y Foel Junction. This is in the High Street, note the quarry machinery to the left of the photo.
0292 White Rose bus by the quarry.
0300 The White Rose at Dyserth.
Brookes Brothers' first charabanc. They owned the White Rose company
0361 "By the river, Dyserth". Cars parked alongside the river opposite New Inn. The same photo, with the same people, as in Photo 0200 - though that one was colured and the New Inn sign had been removed.
Mr Burleigh originally from Birmingham, started the bus service from Dyserth to Rhyl before the White Rose bus service started.
Eventually lived in 'Riverdale'.
0372 Edward Jones carriage opposite the chapel on Waterfall hill.
Edward Jones "y cariwr" He took passengers and luggage on a regular service to and from Rhyl at 8d a trip. Driver of coach (Edward Jones) is grandfather of Mrs Phyllis Price (Gladwyn, Penisa, Dyserth).
Standing is his wife and seated in the coach are:
Elizabeth Jones
Letty Jones, grand daughter
Gladys Jones
The horse & coach are opposite Mynydd Seion chapel on waterfall hill - the lane on the right is no longer there - there is now a footpath up to weaver's lane.
0379 Lower Dyserth, with Red Lion, Riverdale, Shop & River Cottage
0390 The White Rose
0600 Dyserth Carnival 1948.
J.H. Hughes Butcher's van outside Stan Worthington's garage on Foel Road