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From Moel Hiraddug

0358 View from Moel Hiraddug, Dyserth
0373 From Moel Hiraddug
0410 From Foel Hiraddug
0414 From Y Foel
Section from a multiview card
0420 Vale of Clwyd & Dyserth from Foel Hiraddug
0561 General View, Dyserth
0670 Dyserth from Moel Hiraddug
0700 On the Foel-1961
0701 On the Foel-1961
0702 On the Foel 1961
0703 On the Foel-1961
0704 On the Foel-1961
0705 On the Foel-1961
0706 On the Foel-1961
1124 View From Voel, Dyserth.
From Moel Hiraddug
1125 View from y Foel, Dyserth.
From Moel Hiraddug
Moel Hiraddug c1980
Cave on Moel Hiraddug c1980
To right of cave on Moel Hiraddug c198