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Waterfall and Mills

0016 At the falls, Dyserth.
The old mill building, seen gradually crumbling in these photos, was demolished in 1952.
0031 Dyserth The Waterfalls.
Apparently Mr Williams, co-owner of the waterfalls (with Bodrhyddan & the Parish Council), created a screen across the front of the waterfalls to encourage people to pay to view.
0033 Dyserth Village.
From a postcard posted in 1954
0048 Falls and old mill, Dyserth.
From a postcard posted in 1936.
0049 Falls and old mill, Dyserth
0090 The Falls, Dyserth.
From a postcard posted in 1928
0094 The old mill steps Dyserth
0137 Falls and Bryn-y-Felin, Dyserth
0188 Falls and Bryn y Felin.From a postcard posted in 1905.
Harry Thomas Collection
0189 Entrance to Falls.
Harry Thomas Collection
0190 Falls and old mill Dyserth
Harry Thomas Collection
0294 Dyserth Mill in1878
0342 Mill Wfall & village 1878 1883 and 1925
0377 Lower Dyserth and old mill
0406 Dyserth Falls possibly c1931
0455 The Falls and Bryn y Felin, Dyserth
0456 The Falls and Bryn-y-Felin, Dyserth
0474 Falls and Bryn-y-Felin. same as a postcard posted in 1908. Same as 0137 and 0456
0475 Dyserth Waterfall and Old Mill.
On the building, bottom right, it says "The Waterfall Sanatorium for Boots". And "W.Jenkins, Footware Repairer"
1194 Old mill at the falls and the waterfall shop. Date unknown.