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Foel Road & Thomas Avenue

0011 Police Station, Thomas Avenue.
A police station in Dyserth, real ancient history!
0062 Lower Foel Road, Dyserth, posted 1939
0067 Junction of Thomas Avenue & the High Street
0087 The Bungalows, Dyserth.
Houses on Lower Foel Road
0088 The Bungalows, Dyserth. Houses on Lower Foel Road
0135 Foel Road and Thomas Avenue
0329 Houses on Foel Road. Bryn-y-Felin is towards the background. The old bank building on the corner of Thomas Avenue and the High Street is in the centre. The house on the left once contained the telephone exchange, which had a maximum of 99 lines
0344 Foel Road and Thomas Avenue
0381 Lower Foel Road
0556 Foel Road & Thomas Avenue
0563 Ysgol Hiraddug
0564 Thomas Avenue, Upper Dyserth
0600 Dyserth Carnival 1948, J.H. Hughes Butcher's van outside Stan Worthington's garage on Foel Road
0682 House on Thomas Avenue.
0707 Thomas Avenue 1950s
The new school at about 1954/55. Mr. Kerfoot Davies's new Crossley coach is standing outside his house whilst the small white building immediately beyond the pair of semi detached houses on the left is Dr. Cox's surgery.
1047 Lower Foel Road, 1950s.
The bungalow behind the flag pole was then called Nythfa. (Now called Tan y Bryn). The bungalow Roger Ball was born in. "We owned the field in front and had a garden at the top of the field. Dad bought a section of a redundant Hawse Glider which we used as a Garden shed, it was off picture to the right. The Semi to the left was owned by a Miss Woodruff. The field was rented by a man who kept some Sheep. He also had a Garage full of Canaries. He lived on Lower Foel Road near the Hill at the end of Thomas Avenue".
1156 Thomas Avenue and Moel Hiraddug.
With the lime kilns in the background
1190 Williams Shop by the quarry.
Located on the corner of Foel Road and the High Street (the quarry side of Foel Road) now a house.
1311 Upper village, showing Thomas Avenue and Foel Road.
1330 Children in Thomas Avenue 1967