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Bryn y Felin

0019 Bryn-y-Felin, Dyserth
0328 Probably from Foel Road.
This appears to be before Thomas Avenue existed. Bryn-y-Felin is in the background. The small square building to the left of the haystack and the round-ended building above it can be seen near the centre of the next picture. High street in centre.
0329 Houses in Foel Road.
Bryn-y-Felin is towards the background. The old bank building on the corner of Thomas Avenue and the High Street is in the centre. The house on the left (foreground) once contained the telephone exchange, which had a maximum of 99 lines.
0428 Possibly from Foel Road.
High Street & Bryn-y-Felin, possibly from Foel Road, similar view to 0328.
0571 Dyserth High Street & Bryn y Felin.
From a postcard posted in 1909
0691 Accident on The Bryn
0695 Outside 'Cintra' on Bryn-y-Felin 1964
0696 Vote for Parry
Opposite 'Cintra', Bryn-y-Felin
0698 Washing Day, taken about 1954/55 from the back of Inglemount in Bryn-y-Felyn and looks out over the bottom of James' Park towards Graig Fawr. The house on the extreme left was in Bryn-y-Felyn and was lived in by Ellah Wheeler Wilcox who, at that time, was still cooking on a paraffin stove.
0699 Bryn-y-Felin.
The van is a Post Office Telephones Morris 8 Series Z used by John Parry, the telephone engineer who lived in the detached house, 'Cintra', middle right.
1145 Upper Dyserth.
From above the lime kilns, over the roofs of houses on Foel Road, to Thomas Avenua, the High Street & Bryn y Felin.
Bryn Terrace c1980
Steps from Bryn y Felin down to Old Mill Steps, with Glasfryn and Lapwing c1980