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Bryniau & Trecastell

0095 Trecastell & Bryniau.
Showing the waterworks. Date unknown.
1059 'Woodlands' 1940s.
The lad in the background is Graham Cowan, who lived in the house on the right
1060 'Woodlands'.
Taken sometime between 2000 & 2010 - Same house as previous photo.
1142 Hiraddug Road from Trecastell, with the waterworks in the foreground.
1141 Hiraddug Road from Trecastell.
With the trackbed and bridge of the railway extension (never completed) in the foreground. See the Railway section for maps of the proposed routes.
1422 Dyserth from Trelawnyd Road 1980s
1423 Dyserth from Trelawnyd Road 1980s