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0014 Same building as that shown as "Shop & home of the Roberts family" (No. 0079), Bodnant Forge can be seen on the right. Near Penisa Crossroads. Left to right:- Ernest Hughes (who married Sarah Ellin Roberts, the oldest of three sisters) with his two daughters Joyce and Renee. These houses have been demolished and replaced by "Bodnant Cottage".
0045 Central Buildings, High Street. Ellis & Hughes shop on the corner of Foel Road. I have been told that the side facing the High Street was actually two shops by someone who remembers that the 2nd shop, furthest from the corner, was owned by his aunts.
He remembers "peering over the window sill, watching the German and Italian prisoners of war climbing on to the truck to take them back to the POW camp. They worked on the Quarry and I think their camp was at Kimmel".
But a relative of both owners is certain there was only one shop - with the owners listed on the 1911 census as John Ellis, age 31, Baker and Confectioner and John Hughes, age 49, Shop Green Grocer.
The Ellis and Hughes families are originally from Gwaenysgor - John Ellis & John Hughes are related by
intermarriage of these families
At some point they opened a Tea Room - it was advertised in the Prestatyn Weekly in 1909.
A business directory c1933 lists Mrs Evans, Newsagent & Tobacconist, Central Buildings and G. Evans, General Grocer, Central Buildings.
Lucy Davies says in her book from the 1990s that there was a bakehouse behind Central Buildings, one of several in the village. But doesn't say when.
I don't know when this photo was taken, but it would appear the quarry entrance was then still off Foel Road.
This is now two houses.
0045a Advert from the Prestatyn Weekly, August 1909
0046 Entrance to falls, Dyserth
0047 Entrance to the falls, Dyserth
0060 Lower Dyserth
0079 Shop and home of the Roberts family, Alongside Bodnant Forge, near Penisa Crossroads. On left is probably Sarah Ellin Roberts (who married Ernest Hughes) and her sister Mary, sitting on the wall, c1911. Their father John Roberts and his brother Edward were Blacksmiths at the forge. In 1929 Mary married Tom Norton and went to live in Mossley, Lancs. These houses have been demolished and replaced by "Bodnant Cottage".
0127 lower dyserth
0164 Shop front, Sam's Stores.
On the High Street - see section on Sam's Stores.
0165 Shop front Sam's Stores, 1960s
0166 Sam's Shop with garage-GJ
0167 Sam's with Gwyneth Williams (Pierce) & Doris Edwards c1965
0168 Sam's with Margaret Roberts (Hollingsworth) Glyn Jones & Gwyneth Williams(Pierce)c1965
0170 The Falls & Cabin, Dyserth
0198 J.W. Griffiths Voel Stores Delivery van, 1950s. John W.Griffiths had the shop and bakehouse built in 1936, the builder's estimate for the job was £970. He sold the shop due to ill health in 1960, when he moved his family to Oakwood, Eden Ave, Prestatyn. In the van is son John Aelwyn Griffiths, now living in Canada. The shop can be seen in the High Street section - until Nov 2013 it was "Wayahead" hairdressers.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0238 High st Dyserth.
Harry Thomas Collection
0241 High St Dyserth, possibly 1950s. Including J.W. Griffiths' Voel Stores. John W.Griffiths had the shop and bakehouse built in 1936, the builder's estimate for the job was £970. Before this shop he owned Prengwyn Stores. He sold this shop in 1960, when he moved his family to Prestatyn.Until Nov 2013 it was "Wayahead" hairdressers.
0260 Walter Parker of cabin shop c1934 & dog digger.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0324 Dyserth waterfalls & Cabin
Waterfall Cabin. In the 1920s it was opened as a shop for Walter Parker by his father Mr Harry Parker, landlord of the Red Lion. Walter suffered a lot of illness and died aged 31. Walter's late brother, Harry, contributed some of the pictures for this website.
0363 DC Jones shop & cottages.
This was where the quarry entrance is now. Opposite the old quarry offices that were converted into Dyserth Surgery. Note the shadow of the old quarry railway bridge over the main road.