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Penisa, Gofer & Bodnant Forge

0014 Same building as that shown as "Shop & home of the Roberts family" (No. 0079), Bodnant Forge can be seen on the right. Near Penisa Crossroads. Left to right:- Ernest Hughes (who married Sarah Ellin Roberts, the oldest of three sisters) with his two daughters Joyce and Renee. These houses have been demolished and replaced by "Bodnant Cottage".
0043 Gofer Cottage and Lilac Cottage. Near Penisa crossroads, Dyserth.
0074 Penisa & Bodnant Forge area, with Dyserth Hall. Posted Aug 1915.
0079 Shop and home of the Roberts family, Alongside Bodnant Forge, near Penisa Crossroads. On left is probably Sarah Ellin Roberts (who married Ernest Hughes) and her sister Mary, sitting on the wall, c1911. Their father John Roberts and his brother Edward were Blacksmiths at the forge. In 1929 Mary married Tom Norton and went to live in Mossley, Lancs. These houses have been demolished and replaced by "Bodnant Cottage".
0327 Bodnant Forge
0335 Dyserth Village (posted 1909). Bodnant Forge is just to the right of centre - identifiable by the round window in its gable.
0340 General view, Dyserth (possibly 1920s).Bodnant Forge is to the right
0413 Graig Fawr from Dyserth Cross Roads. A section from a multiview postcard
0426 Dyserth and Ochr-y-Foel. Bodnant Forge and Penisa crossroads. Also Ochr-y-Foel, Upper Dyserth
0434 Penisa, Dyserth.Shows Penisa crossroads, near Bodnant Forge, and Upper Dyserth, Ochr-y-Foel
0440 Bodnant Forge & Penisa crossroads. Also Ochr-y-Foel, Upper Dyserth. Posted 1919.
0555 Penisa, Dyserth. Showing Bodnant Forge & Penisa crossroads. Also Ochr-y-Foel. Horse & cart. c1920s
0560 Penisa crossroads, near Bodnant Forge. Also includes upper Dyserth
0562 Graig Fawr from Dyserth Crossroads
0591 Cottage near Penisa Crossroads.
The cottage that stood on the site of the present `Lyndholm`, on the left, 100 metres into the village from Penisa Crossroads. The boy with the bicycle is the late Ted Roberts.
0637 Foel from Penisaf
0653 Dyserth Penisa Posted 03-Mar-1906.
There are telegraph poles in this picture. Though there would have been no telephones in Dyserth then - there would have been a telegraph service to the Post Office.
0654 Lower Dyserth, looking along river (Afon Ffyddion) towards Moel Hiraddug, possibly from the Meliden-Rhuddlan road, next to where Voel Coaches is now. Posted May 1907.
0662 Dyserth General View. From a postcard posted in August 1917. From Dyserth Road (to Rhyl) looking towards Penisa Crossroad and Dyserth beyond.
0684 Gwelfor Park under construction.