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0198 J.W. Griffiths Voel Stores Delivery van, 1950s. J.W.Griffiths had the shop and bakehouse built in 1936, the builder's estimate for the job was £970. He sold the shop due to ill health in 1960, when he moved his family to Oakwood, Eden Ave, Prestatyn. In the van is son John Aelwyn Griffiths, now living in Canada. The shop can be seen in the High Street section - until November 2013 it was "Wayahead" hairdressers.
0850 (Margaret Blodwen Griffiths) John A Griffith's mother the nurse (prior to marriage)
0851 David Clwyd Griffiths - (John A Griffiths' brother) and Beth Morgan in Morgan’s front yard (The lane behind the old shop)
0852 David Clywd Griffiths, Meg and John A Griffiths at the Frith (around 1953)
0853 John William and Margaret Blodwen Griffiths on a motorcycle (parents of John A.)
0854 Griffiths wedding October 15th 1934. John William and Margaret Blodwen - parents of John Griffiths
0855 John Griffiths and his cat, Felix, in the old army tent in the back yard at Voel Stores
0856 John A.Griffiths Voel Stores – in back yard of the cobbler’s shop. (bakehouse chimney and quarry tower in the background) John thinks the cobbler’s name was Alf Roberts (not sure). There were the three shops – Clwyd Café, The Newsagents (John Jones) and the cobbler.
0857 John William and John Aelwen Griffiths in the backyard of Voel Stores
0858 John William Griffiths, father of John A. Griffiths
0959 John William Griffiths, July 1916.
0860a France - John William Griffiths is on the right upper level. There are signatures on the back. See next picture.
0861 John William Griffiths. The back of the card is marked “Somewhere in France 1918”