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0009 A Dyserth WI event on 18th March 1954.
The person immediately above the candle (and slightly to the right) is Muriel Morgan. She was wife of the then village policeman: Thomas Howard Morgan.
0577 Dyserth WI Birthday Party 18th March 1954. Joyce Bull as "Hank" and Mrs ?
0606 WI Birthday Party 18th March 1954.
Bottom left is Mrs Nellie Hughes (wife of John Hughes, Butcher on High St)
Bottom right is Mrs Worthington ( wife of Stan Worthington, Garage on Foel Rd)
Next to her is Mrs Hatch (Haberdashery shop on High St)
Next to her is Mrs Jones of Foel Farm, Cwm
0607 WI Party singsong 18th March 1954.
On right hand side is Mrs Renee Davies (wife of Kerfoot Davies, Voel Coaches)
4th from right is Mrs Oakley, Foel Rd
0608 WI group in Blackpool early 1950's.
L to R
Back row:- Gwyneth (PM) Jones, Nellie (John) Hughes, Minnah (Hugh) Roberts
Front row:- Beatrice Jones, Mrs Pritchard Jones (wife of P.C Jones Trelawnyd), Mrs Tom Arthur Jones
0609 WI Blackpool trip early 1950s.
2nd row up from the bottom on the right hand side (wearing hat & specs) is Mrs Cronshaw, St Asaph Rd
0613 1950s WI trip to the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, Staffordshire.
Back row L to R:-
Kerfoot Davies (founder of Voel Coaches), Mrs Tom Arthur Jones, ?, Miss Bainbridge,?, ?, Miss Bainbridge.
One row down:- Mrs Beatrice Jones (to the left of Kerfoot)
One row down again:- Mrs Nellie Hughes (centre with black hair)
Front row:- L to R
Mrs Renee (Kerfoot) Davies (Voel Coaches), ?, ?, ?, Mrs Jones (Foel Farm), Mrs Worthington, Mrs Annie Jones (papershop), Mrs Oakley.
Mrs Bessie (Dai) Hughes (to right and behind Mrs Worthington)
Mrs Minnah Roberts (to left and behind Mrs Dai Hughes)
0782 W.I. trip to Liverpool 1948. L-R: Mrs T.A.Jones, Mrs Beatrice Jones, ?, Mrs Hughes Weavers Lane
0783 W.I. play in the Urdd Hall 1949?. Back row, 2nd left is Mrs T.A.Jones
0784 W.I. Play (Here lies Matilda) in the Urdd Hall, October 1948. Far right Mrs T.A.Jones
0785 W.I. Play in the Urdd Hall, 1940s
0789 Dyserth W.I. 21st Birthday Party 1965.
In the Urdd Hall with President Mrs Beatrice Jones and founder President Mrs Ethleen Williams Thomas J.P. (Clwyd Villa) Chairman of Flintshire County Council.
0790 W.I. Meeting in the Urdd Hall, 1960s. L-R: Mrs Hugh Roberts, Mrs Minnie Turner, Mrs Oakley ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs Beatrice Jones, ?, ?, Mrs Kerfoot Davies
1066a Womens Institute.
Standing L-R:- 1-Unknown. 2-Mrs Daisy Williams Nee Jones, sister of Stan Jones. Was Caretaker of Dyserth School. 3-unknown. 4-Mrs Dan Cunnah of Cunnahs Bakery, High Street, Dyserth. 5-unknown. 6-unknown. 7-Was Vivian Jones, Mrs Ben Hughes, daughter of Bellis Jones headmaster of old Dyserth School. 8-Mrs Emrys Cunnah, was Phyllis Lockley.
1072 WI Hat Competition.
L-R: 1-Mrs Rouse. 2-?. 3-Mrs Mitchell. 4-?. 5-Mrs Hugill(?). 6-?. 7-Dr Manwell(?). 8-?. 9-Mrs Beatrice Jones Ffordd Figin. 10 (behind, no hat)-Mrs Ben Hughes. 11-Mrs Brenda Piper.
1077a W.I. visit to Josiah Wedgewood, Barlaston, 9th Sept 1966.
Front Row L-R: Miss Bainbridge (extreme left), Mrs Letty Jones (dark handbag), Mrs Bell, Mrs W.T.Jones, Mrs Russell (5th from right), Mrs Alun Jones, Foel Farm (3rd from right).
2nd Row: Mrs Brookes (behind Letty), Miss Jessie Molyneux, Mrs Hodgkins (3rd from right, in hat)
1096 WI Choir on stage, Urdd Hall.
Back Row L-R: Mrs Ivy Olwen Hughes; Mrs Bryly Williams; Mrs Jones, Bradnor; Mrs Dan Cunnah; Mrs Malilou(?); Mrs Brenda Piper; Mrs Foxall; Mrs Davis.
Front L-R: Miss Jessie Molyneux; Mrs Ceridwen Rogers; Mrs Jones (papershop); Mrs Bell; unknown; Mrs Beatrice Jones.
1097 WI Concert on stage