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0003 The Princess Royal with the Land Army at Bodrhyddan, 1940s. She is talking to Margaret Evans (Nee Jones) mother of Carolyn Minshull.
Princess Royal then was Mary (only daughter of George V and Queen Mary) 1897-1965; declared Princess Royal 1932.
0029 reverse of 0030
0030 Dyserth People 1916 - see back (photo 0029)
0070 Two old ladies
0085 Edwin Lee, Stonemason. Ted Roberts, Foreman. and Mrs Hughes
0105 Y Cymraes o Dyserth, Welsh Lady and a nurse.
0106 Welsh Lady with spinning wheel.
0107 Welsh ladies at Wern House
0109 "White Rose bus crew building garage". From John Wigley:- "Mother thinks the photograph is part of the White Rose Garages behind the High Street in Rhyl. The Garage fronted onto the Promenade but the workshops and yard were behind and accessed by an entrance on the opposite side of the road to the Plaza Cinema and a little bit neare the town centre. In later years there was a large car park there but it is all covered by the new White Rose centre now. She has suggested that the tall man in the trilby and moustache to the left of the picture might be one of the Brookes family members, but cannot swear to it."
0191 Edward Jones' horse-drawn coach.
Known as "The Brake", this was a luxury vehicle, used for excursions into the countryside, children's treats, and the like. Mr Jones is in the centre, wearing a bowler hat. He died in 1918.
0198 J.W. Griffiths Voel Stores Delivery van, 1950s. J.W.Griffiths had the shop and bakehouse built in 1936, the builder's estimate for the job was £970. He sold the shop due to ill health in 1960, when he moved his family to Oakwood, Eden Ave, Prestatyn. In the van is son John Aelwyn Griffiths, now living in Canada. The shop can be seen in the High Street section - until November 2013 it was "Wayahead" hairdressers.
0232 Dyserth Railway Station c1914-1918. Ladies from the Volunteer Aid Detachment (VAD).
They were single ladies who were living at home and were well educated. They learned nursing and to drive etc for the 1st World War.
It was suggested that the two ladies are Gwyneth Kermode and a Miss Roberts, Captain and Lieutenant of Prestatyn Girl Guides.
0260 Walter Parker of Waterfall Cabin shop around 1934.
With his dog "Digger"
0282 Shop and home of the Roberts family, Alongside Bodnant Forge. Near Penisa Crossroads. Mrs Mary Norton (née Roberts) as a young woman is sitting on the wall, around 1911. These houses have been demolished and replaced by "Bodnant Cottage".
0287 Quarry Workers
0330 with names
0330 Builders, at houses opposite what is now Dyserth Garage.
The man in charge, standing in the window, is P.M. Jones, he lived in the house when it was finished. He later sold it to Peter Thomas who lived there for 30 years. See next picture for names.
0341 Hunt meet, Dyserth
0359 Howell Jones, Ffordd Figin, St Asaph Road (died 2006). His grandfather is the blacksmith in the photo. The smithy was on the old site of Voel Coaches - on the left as you go down the hill to Anglia.
0370 People posing in front of a new railmotor on the railway, August 190