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Marian Mills

0064 Marianville Cafe & Cottage
0065 Marianville, posted 1936
0073 Path in the wood, Marian Mills, 1931.
0091 The Falls, Marian Mills
0093 The Marian Spring, Dyserth
0101 Waterwheel, Marian Mill
This is either Felin Fach or Grove Mill
0184 Grove Mill, Marian Mills, Dyserth, posted 1935
0186 The mill wheel of Felin Fawr, Marian Mills, 1905.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0192 Marian Mills, posted 1906.
Felin Fawr (Big Mill) in the background & Felin Fach (Small Mill) on the left of the photo.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0195 Marian Mills, Dyserth
Felin Fawr in the background & Felin Fach on the left of the photo.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0214 Felin Fawr, Marian Mills, Dyserth, posted 1923.
Harry Thomas Collection
0215 Felin Fawr, Marian Mills, posted 1932.
Harry Thomas Collection
0216 Felin Fawr, Marian Mills, Dyserth 1937.
Harry Thomas Collection
0247 Model Cottage Marian Mills.
Harry Thomas Collection
0248 Model Cottage Marian Mills, posted 1909.
Harry Thomas Collection
0281 Grove Mill Cottage, Marian Mills.
Pandy Mill was situated behind this cottage. It was a fulling mill, for treating & finishing cloth. I believe that it is called Grove Mill cottage because one owner of Grove Mill, down the road, once lived here and re-named the house.
0306 Felin Fach, Marian Mills
Looking back from near Felin Fawr
0412 Felin Fawr, Marian Mills.
Section from a multiview postcard.
0572 Felin Fawr water wheel Marian Mills c1924
0618 Grove Mill
Alongside the road, near Marian Mills