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School Photos

0012 Ysgol Hiraddug about 1951.
This is taken at the new school, taken in one of the first years it was open (maybe even the first year), to commemorate. Second from Left, front row, is Billy Walker who lost a leg at the age of thirteen in Dyserth when the school bus reversed into the waiting children. Middle Row: Second from left is Joyce Morgan (Now Bull), 3rd from left is Mel Jones, whose father, Trevor Jones, (St. John's Ambulance Brigade) gave Billy Walker first aid.
0013 Ysgol Hiraddug.
Left to Right:- Back Row: Mrs Farmer - Barry Jones - Kenny Bowker - Tony Hughes - Emyr Jones - Albert Walker - Bobby Deed - Billy Walker - Allan Morgan - Raymond Jones - David Bickerstaff - John Weston. Middle: Margaret Rogers - Pat Hughes - Brenda Rogers - Valerie Knapp - Carol Hughes - Winnie Deed - Ann Hughes - Pam Williams - Valerie Hawkins - Maureen Roberts. Front: Rosemary O’Donnell - Valerie Jones - Ann Blackwell - Carol Hughes - Ann Roberts - Kay Bellamy - Gay Holland - Muriel Chadwick.
0142 Dyserth school class around 1900.
This was inside the old school, on the hill opposite the Cross Keys (as was). The child 2nd from the right in the 2nd row down is Mary Ellen Jones of Long Acre, Dyserth. In 1912 she married John Elias Thomas, (then a farm labourer at Trecastell). John Elias died in 1945 at Pant Glas Farm, Talacre. Mary Ellen Thomas died in 1982, aged 89
0231 Dyserth School 1937
0273 Dyserth School Photo. About 1916 or 1917.
From Joyce Rigos (Née Thomas) in Florida.
Top right is Catherine Thomas. To her left is Thomas Thomas, born in 1909
0334 Dyserth School photo around 1930
0463 Dyserth Playgroup, 23rd March 1988, Newspaper clipping
0566 Local school, Ysgol Hiraddug Christmas show, around 1990.
0567 Dyserth Playgroup in Paterson Hall. 1987
0569 Ysgol Hiraddug school guide dog appeal 1992.
0570 School choir of Ysgol Hiraddug at St Asaph Cathedral
0578 School Hall, Ysgol Hiraddug October 1952
0592 "The girl second left is Beryl jones (1924-95) mother of Liz West who currently lives in Prestatyn and that the girl second right (standing) is Joan Bickerstaff, sister of Billy and wife of Harry Sweetman . Harry still lives in the
village. This information puts the image earlier than first thought, probably 1934/5". (Ian Jones)
0593 School photo 1920s or 30s
0594 School Photo 1932.
"The boy at Mr Bellis-Jones` feet is my uncle , Goronwy Jones. He joined the RAF at the start of the war and bombed Berlin, but was shot down and killed in 1941 . I suspect that both my parents are also on this picture. I also think that Glenys Barker, Long Acre , is shown" By Ian Jones
0596 School photo. Taken about 1925.
Teacher on left is Gwyneth Hughes from Pen Dre Farm. On the right is Hugh Bellis Jones who lived at the school house. Back row L-R:- 1-George Harston; 2-?; 3-Elfed Williams; 4-Hoggin (his nickname) Roberts; 5-Albert Evans; 6-?; 7-?; 8-Iorwerth Jones. 3rd Row:- 1-Lily Sheen; 2-? Bickerstaff; 3-Lily Jones; 4-? Jones; 5-Phylis Jones, now Price; 6-Gwyneth Hughes; 7-Marie Jones; 8-Iris Morgan. 2nd Row:- 1-Jack Roberts; 2- ? Jones; 3-Alex Francis; 4-Frank Parry; 5-Ralph Spacey; 6-John Williams; 7-Tommy Williams; 8-Harold Shaw. First row, sitting:- 1-Bob Harris; 2-Phil Roberts; 3-Emrys Cunnah; 4-George Davies.
0598 1948 scholarship class at Dyserth VP School.
L to R are:-
Emyr Roberts, Elwyn Hughes, Renee Morris, Elizabeth Capstick, Jean Davies, Vivienne Jones, Hesketh Jones & Ifor Cunnah. (These pupils went to St. Asaph Grammar School)
0620 Infants' Class Dyserth Old School, 1903. From St Bridget's Church 1988 calendar.
0626 Ysgol Hiraddug 3rd & 4th year juniors 1951. From St Bridget's church 1987 calendar
0632 Ysgol Hiraddug school concert 1956. Names supplied by Alan Hughes - Front Row Seated: Hugh Bellis-Jones, Deborah Bellis-Jones, (Twins) ?, ?, Kneeling: Susan Bickerstaff?, ?, ?, Clive Hingley, Christine Tighe, Susan Brough. Seated: ?, Richard Collinson, ?, Huw Brian Williams
Middle Standing: ?, Christopher Adams?, ?, Valetta Priest? Frankie Muracca, Lynne Blackshaw, Ann Pugh, Domenico Dinoffrio?
Back Row Upper Seated: John Lindley, Diane or Lynnette Morgan? Standing on Bench: ?, Leonard Bell, Glyn Davies, ?, Alan Hughes, Trevor Hughes, Emlyn Roberts?, ?
Alma Shaw (née Williams) says she is front row with the drum.