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Assorted Family Photos

0002 Sarah Elizabeth Eirwen Hughes aged about 14 c1936. She was daughter of W.R. (Rob) Hughes who had the Draper & Grocer shop near the Red Lion. Born in 1922, she died in 1993, aged 70.
0054 Jane and Catherine Hughes, Cwm
0337 Edrich (Edward Richard) Lewis - father of Ann, Doris and Margaret - is the one in the centre. Other two unknown. Photo is stamped on the back "SADO Bruxelles" and "8528-1"
0343 Text from back of photo:
"Edrich's mother, Mrs Lewis, occupied Bryn Hyfryd after G-Ma died, 1926.
Photo shows new house built onto cottage by my Grandfather.
Now demolished and ground occupied by present bungalows."
Edrich was Edward Richard Lewis - father of Ann, Doris and Margaret.
0465 Choirmaster and father of Edna Hughes who is in the next picture and in the 1949 Carnival Section
0472 About 1938.
Left to right:-
Mrs Phyllis Price, Edna Hughes (became Carnvial Queen in 1949), Mrs Iris Marsden, Reginald Morgan Jones
0645 T. Goronwy Jones- "The Dyserth boy who bombed Berlin", featured on photos 0180 and 0594. Full details : Sgt. T. Goronwy Jones, 106 Bomber Squadron, killed in action over Germany, Oct: 20th-21st, 1941. Buried in the Garrison Cemetery at Kiel.
T. Goronwy Jones
0732 Mrs Durcan with Margaret and Cecilia 1941 or 42
0777 L-R: Idris Davies, Norman Jones, Thomas A Jones, 1920s. Idris Davies emmigrated to Canada, and married Jane Brellisford there. Idris was the younger brother of Robert Lewis Davies, who married Frances Evelyn Parry, of Dyserth. Both brothers grew up in Dyserth, Robert emmigrated in 1927, then returned to Dyserth to marry Frances in 1937.
0862 Richard and David Jones – sons of the Newsagent. They took over the Post Office and Bob Edwards took over the newsagents as a butcher’s shop.
0863 Jones Wedding - John and Annie Jones (Newsagent)
0864 Lewis Wedding. Neil and Gwynneth Lewis. Gwynneth passed away in 2007. Neil died not long after son Gareth was born. She lived at Dyffryn Aur, 2 Maes Hiraddug and was one of five sisters.
0865 Elsie and Norman Hughes – Norman was a greengrocer in the village & Elsie ran the sweet shop.
1031 Charles THOMAS family Taken in Rhyl or St Asaph around 1908.
Top row, from left to right
William Roger Thomas(1881-1925) Harold Edward Thomas(1883-1946) Gladys Marie Thomas(1891-1969) Charles Herbert Thomas(1886-1965*) Thomas David Thomas(1882-1943)

Bottom Row, from left to right
Mabel Thomas(1885-1920) Jane THOMAS Nee HUGHES(The Mother,1855-1938) Cassie Gwendoline Thomas(1899-1977) Charles THOMAS(The Father,1852-1927) Gertrude Magde Thomas(1879-1969)

*Charles Herbert THOMAS (Grandfather of Jacques THOMAS): He was a Royal Navy Officer and Vice Consul of the British Empire in TOULON (France)-married to Madeleine BERSAT 1893-1981.
had 3 children:- Claude (1920-1988, father of Jacques), Serge (1922 to 4th January 2014), Eric (1928-2002)
He was born in ST ASAPH (February 22nd,1886) and his father is buried in St Bridget's churchyard, Dyserth.
1042 From David Frith: - It is of my great aunt, Miss Florence Wood, and must have been taken about seventy years ago (she was born around 1888).
1045 Betty Tindale, nee Antrobus, with her father and car at Dyserth Waterfalls.
1049 Roberts family, Weavers Lane, 1920s. (Previously lived on the Bryn)
1061 Fred Hamilton, father of Barry Hamilton is on the right. On the left is David (Dai) John Williams, Anne Parry (Nee Williams) mother's cousin. Uncle of Judith Parry
Probably taken c1929-1934.
1062 A farm behind the quarry, (now demolished) - the quarry chimney can be seen, and the railway line with Pandy Lane railway bridge. Also a chimney at Talargoch in the background.
On left is Susannah Johnson Hindley(nee Humphreys), then Margaret Johnson Humphreys (nee Johnson) and two children, Gwladys and Lilian Hindley.