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Quarry & Lime Works

0096 Upper Dyserth, Quarry and Limekiln.
From a postcard posted in 1931.
0227 Dyserth Lime Works.
Harry Thomas Collection
0229 Dyserth Lime Works.
From a postcard posted in 1910.
Harry Thomas Collection.
0279 From the High Street, towards the Bodunig; the Lime Kiln from the quarry is in the background. The kiln was demolished in the 1970s.
0285 The bridge over the road which carried the rails for the trucks loaded with crushed stone from the quarry to the Lime Kiln. The old quarry offices, left, became Dyserth Surgery.
0286 Quarry Railway from Trelawnyd direction.
0287 Quarry Workers
0492 Dyserth Quarry crushing plant August 1973.
With the 2ft 7inch-gauge railway to carry stone across Trelawnyd road to the kilns, for baking.
0493 Dyserth Quarry kilns and railway.
Facing the opposite direction to the previous photo. The kilns are the other side of the main road.
0615 Old Village, Falls and Quarry.
From a postcard posted in 1932
0628 Dyserth Carnival van 1948.
Decorated butcher's van. Note the two Dyserth Cubs and the old quarry bridge & the lift to the limestone furnace.
1030 Quarry in 1977
1058 Dyserth Lime Kiln.
Photo taken about 1977 - not long before the kilns were demolished
1152 Village Tip taken from the top of Graig Bach mid 1960s.
The lime kiln at Dyserth Quarry can be seen in the background. Carreg Heilyn Lane runs across the top side of the tip, behind the shed. There are still gates to the area in Carreg Heilyn Lane.
1363 a D Drummond Caledonian "Standard Goods" Class engine (built in the 1880's) arriving from Prestatyn. probably mid to late 50's by engine number. The line at the bottom travels towards the Quarry House Surgery.
1373 Dyserth Quarrymen with Foreman Alfred Jones standing, on left. On an outing to the Wembley cup final. Taken in front of Houses of Parliament. 1923 or later - cup final first held in Wembley in 1923. Cardiff were at Wembley in 1925 and 1927 so maybe then.
1374 Dyserth quarrymen with foreman Afred Jones indicated, he married Elizabeth Hughes, Anne Parry's grandmother's sister. Anne's uncle Alfred was known in the village as "Alf Injan" because drove the Engine (Train) in the quarry. Alf & Lizzie lived in Weavers Lane.
1457 Dyserth Lower Quarry 1980s
1634 Dyserth branch 021 - Quarry Railway
Trefor Thompson
1635 Dyserth branch 023a - Narrow gauge quarry - limekilns line
Trefor Thompson