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Carnival 1948

0600 1948 Dyserth Carnival J.H. Hughes Butcher's van outside Stan Worthington's garage on Foel Road
0601 Queen Alwena Roberts 1948. The page boys L to R are:-
Stuart Davies, Stanley Worthington and Oliver Hughes
0602 1948 Queen Alwena and entourage
This was taken outside the 'Urdd Hall'.
Page boys L to R are:-
Stanley Worthington, Stuart Davies and Oliver Hughes.
Middle row behind Alwena are:-
Jean Williams & Edna Hughes
Back row :- two unknowns
0603 1948 Queen Alwena Roberts (outside the Urdd Hall)
0604 1948 Ladies in Waiting (outside Dr. Bell's house - now Gwynant Residential Home, Cwm Rd)
Front row L to R :- Stanley Worthington and Oliver Hughes
Back row L to R :- Edna Hughes and Jean Williams
0605 1948 Alwena about to be crowned - (taken in field across the road from Gwynant)
The page boy is Stuart Davies ( Voel Coaches)
The man dressed in white on the RHS is John H Hughes the butcher
The man to the left behind Alwena is Councillor Ralph Spacey
0627 1948 Dyserth Carnival Queen Alwena Roberts greets Rhuddlan Carnival Queen Christine Jennings.
The man on the RHS is Councillor Ralph Stacey.
0628 1948 Dyserth Carnival - a decorated butcher's van. Note the two Dyserth Cubs and the old quarry bridge & the lift to the limestone furnace.
0665 1948 Carnival. Dyserth's first Carnival Queen, Alwena Roberts. Mother of Dave Ellis.
1380 Dyserth Carnival 1948. L-R: Maureen Jones, Queen Alwena Roberts, Gay Holland, Jean Williams.
1948 Carnival