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Thomas DyserthCwm

0267 Wedding in Llanasa of David Thomas - uncle of Joyce Rigos (Nee Thomas). Joyce is "the little one on the front row right with the funny face. Next to the little bridesmaid"
0268 David Thomas Junior, Husband of Lena, Uncle of Joyce Rigos (Née Thomas)
0270 Joyce Rigos, Nee Thomas, 1965.
0271a Sarah Ann Davies. She married Robert Thomas - next photo
0271b Robert and Sarah Thomas around 1905. He is the son of Thomas Thomas schoolmaster of Cwm school. She was Sarah Ann Davies. Both buried in Dyserth churchyard. From Joyce Rigos (Née Thomas) in Florida.
0274 Thomas and younger brother David, Thomas. Father and Uncle of Joyce Rigos
0276 Thomas family, Cwm. Thought to be Thomas, David, Ann and Elizabeth Thomas,children of Thomas Thomas from Cwm.
0584 Three Thomas sisters from Cwm/Dyserth. From the clothes they could be late1800s or early 1900s. Thought to be daughters and son of Thomas and Catherine, but they are definately Thomas'. They must be Joyce Rigos' grandfather's sisters.
0585 Two of the sisters from the previous photo.
0587 Probably from the Thomas family of Cwm/Dyserth, any ideas?
0588 Possibly son of Thomas and Catherine Thomas