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Weavers Lane

0044 Dyserth, Weavers Lane-posted 1912.
"These cottages were known as the "Weavers' Cottages”, which suggest that there was an earlier cottage textile industry. The Cottages were destroyed by fire in the first half of the 20th century." (From "Dyserth, An Historic Village" by Ronald & Lucy Davies)
0102 Weavers' Cottage, Weavers Lane posted 1907.
In the photo in the left hand corner was a path and steps leding down to the waterfall hill. Midway along the high stone wall on the hill can be seen what was once an opening but is now blocked up. The area is now a garden with trees and shrubs, previously front gardens to the thatched cottages.
0104 Weavers' Cottages, Dyserth. from a card posted in 1916
0182 Weavers Lane
0385 Penycae, Weavers' Lane (approx 66) 1904.
Mrs Sue Williams, Mrs Sarah Lee Davies (Russell Davies' Grandmother), Mrs Williams' sister.
0621 Weavers' Lane 1962. From St Bridget's Church 1988 calendar.
0797 Girls on Waterfall Hill, at junction of Weavers Lane. Miss Violet Williams is one of the girls, or she knows who they are.
1048 Margaret Lourain Roberts outside her family home in Weavers Lane, 1924.
1050 Tenancy Agreement, Weavers Lane.
For cottage in previous photo (No.1048)
1358 From above the falls, also showing Weavers Lane
1365 The New Inn, with Weavers Lane in the background
1654 Children in Weavers Lane
"In Joyce's garden. Joyce, Left - back row. Mum 3rd from right. Mum's cousin Pat - middle, dark hair"